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Current situation and future prospect of cutting industry in China





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Current situation and future prospect of cutting industry in China

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2015/06/30 10:25
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The current situation and future prospects of cutting industry since the establishment of China Welding Society and China Welding Association, the two sessions have made outstanding contributions to the development of cutting industry and the promotion and application of cutting technology. Especially in recent years, the two sessions have organized various forms of academic exchange activities at home and abroad, welding and cutting exhibitions and cutting industry new products, new technology field exchange meetings. A series of new national standards and product grading standards for welding and cutting machines and tools have been formulated. Through these works, we have a certain understanding of the development trend of cutting industry at home and abroad, and also provide a good opportunity for technical exchange and information exchange among enterprises in the industry. Thus, it effectively promotes the technological progress and development of the whole cutting industry.
In today's industrial field, welded structural parts are widely used in all walks of life. Plate cutting is the first step in the process of welding finished products, and also an important process to ensure the welding quality. Using the advanced cutting technology, not only can ensure the welding quality of products, improve labor productivity, but also make the manufacturing cost of enterprise products greatly reduce, shorten the production cycle of products. With the wide application of new products, new processes and new technologies. Intelligent precision cutting will become the future development trend of cutting industry.
1 current situation of cutting industry
China's cutting industry mainly consists of the following categories of production enterprises: 1) portal cutting machine; 2) trolley cutting machine and cutting nozzle; 3) plasma cutting power supply and cutting nozzle; 4) manual welding and cutting torch and welding and cutting nozzle. After decades of development, the cutting industry has developed from a single manual cutting torch into a more complete industry. The products can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some products enter the international market. In recent years, the production technology of CNC cutting machine is developing rapidly.
1.1 portal cutting machine
The modern profiling cutting is still mainly based on the gate type CNC cutting machine, because only this kind of CNC cutting mode can effectively guarantee the complete automation of the cutting process. The development of CNC cutting technology in China is relatively late, but its development speed is very fast. Before 1980's, in China, plate cutting was mainly done by hand or semi-automatic car. In the past 80 years, with the deepening of enterprise reform, people have realized that the use of advanced cutting technology is not only the key to ensure the welding quality of products, but also greatly improve the utilization rate of plates. In some enterprises with large amount of plate, due to the improvement of plate utilization rate, the equipment investment recovery period of CNC cutting machine is shortened, and good economic benefits are obtained. Therefore, the market demand of CNC cutting machine is increasing year by year. Thus promoting the rapid development of cutting industry in China.
At present, the domestic CNC cutting machine joint ventures or wholly-owned enterprises mainly include Shanghai Issa cutting machine Co., Ltd. and meissel cutting and welding Co., Ltd. (Kunshan). These enterprises have been greatly supported by foreign technologies in technology, so the product technology is in a leading position in China. While Harbin Sihai numerical control equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin Huawei welding and cutting complete equipment Co., Ltd., Harbin Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. mechanical and electronic equipment manufacturing plant, China Shipbuilding Corporation Ship Technology Research Institute, Shenzhen bolichang numerical control cutting equipment Co., Ltd., Wuxi Hualian welding and cutting equipment factory and other enterprises take advantage of their own advantages to develop rapidly in technology. They Our products have complete specifications and good performance, which meet the needs of different users. In addition, they have developed a number of special CNC cutting equipment, some products in technology to achieve or exceed similar products abroad.
The annual market demand of CNC cutting machine in China is about 350-400 sets, and the products are mainly flame and ordinary plasma cutting machine. The market demand of large-scale underwater plasma cutting, fine plasma cutting, laser cutting and other advanced cutting equipment is increasing year by year.
Numerical control fine plasma cutting equipment has developed rapidly in recent years. Using fine plasma technology to cut sheet metal not only makes up for some shortcomings of ordinary plasma cutting, but also reaches the lower limit of laser cutting in cutting accuracy and surface roughness. Due to the huge investment in laser cutting equipment, the maintenance and operation costs are high. It is difficult for ordinary enterprises to bear such a large investment. Therefore, as an alternative to laser cutting fine plasma cutting equipment, because of its superior cutting performance, in addition to the investment of equipment is much less than laser cutting machine. Therefore, this product is favored by many users in the market. At present, Shanghai Issa Cutting Machinery Co., Ltd., meissel cutting and welding Co., Ltd. (Kunshan), Harbin Huawei welding and cutting complete equipment Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have launched the products to the market. In the next few years, this product will increase year by year in the proportion of market sales.
The product development of cutting industry in China has broken the traditional boundary between welding and cutting, and its products have crossed the two major processes of welding and cutting. In recent years, many traditional building structures are gradually replaced by honing frame steel structure. In addition, a large amount of national capital construction investment has promoted the rapid development of steel structure industry. H-beam production line and multi axis CNC pipe cutting machine have become another hot spot in the development of industry technology. H-beam production line is mainly composed of portal cutting machine, assembly machine, automatic welding machine, straightening machine and other products. The production line has become the main production equipment of H-beam in steel structure plant. The annual market demand reaches dozens of sets.
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